Donald Duke fires back at Ayade over comments by Incumbent 

By our reporter 

Former governor of Cross River State, Mr Donald Duke has responded to comments alleged to have been made by  incumbent governor, Ben Ayade and his aides who reportedly disparaged him last week in the course of their APC campaign in northern Cross River State.

Donald Duke said Ayade had the temerity to insult him, disclosing that in 1999 when he fought and became governor of the state he was struggling with fake degrees.

He challenged Governor Ayade to prove that his professorship is not fake.

“I am not his mate in any way. And he has the temerity to insult me. Where was he 24 years ago when I became governor? Was he not busy acquiring fake degrees.

I challenge him to prove that his so-called professorship is not fake. Can he equate himself with grounded Profs?”

Duke regretted that PDP made a grievous mistake to hand him the governorship in 2015.

“Today, we have paid dearly for that single mistake. We are deeply regretting it.

“He has dragged Cross River State back 30 years, even worse than when I met it in 1999 as governor.

“Ayade has shamefully ridiculed our state with fake projects.”

He said it is a blessing to PDP that he decided to leave to where his kinds are.

He also recalled that the endSARS vandalisation succeeded much in the state because, as the chief security officer of the state, Gov Ayade was alleged to have taken off when the wild boys struck.

“Even his Aide-De-Camp confessed that he did not know the whereabouts of his principal throughout the two days the endSARS vandalisation lasted. How cowardly!”

Reacting to the former governor’s outburst on his principal, chief press secretary to Gov Ayade, Barrister Christian Ita said they would not glorify Duke with a response to his uninformed insinuation.


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