PDP vs APC : Court of appeal reserves case for judgement 

By Ene Asuquo

The court of appeal sitting in calabar has reserved for judgement an appeal matter brought before the court by PDP, Sandy Ojang Onoh the appellant against APC, Prince Bassey Edet Otu and Peter Odey as the second and third respondents 

The appellants through their council, first Baba Isa in suit number CA/C/392/2022 had filled a notice of appeal on the 7th of December 2022, to challenge the outcome of a judgement at the Federal high Court in calabar on the 24th of November 2022 in which the first, second and third respondents won in the case

In the case, PDP and Sandy Onor through their council are challenging the candidacy of Hon. Peter Odey for defecting to the rulling All Progressives Congress APC without formally resigning from his former party, the PDP. And on the second leg, they are also challenging the fact that he has a dual citizenship, as a citizen of Nigeria and that of the united Kingdom, they are also saying that Hon. Odey had swore an oath of allegiance to the King of the united Kingdom

In their response through their council chief Mike Ozachome, the second and the third respondents, Prince Bassey Otu and Peter Odey said that the appeal was grossly u meritorious and grossly misconceived and base on illusionary point of law which are non existence

Chief Ozachome also argued that the new electoral law has made it clear that you can not come from  political party ‘A’ to intrude into the affairs of political party ‘B’ he said PDP according to the judgement of the Federal high Court are looking for something that is not there

He described PDP and senator sandy Onor as Middle some interlopers for leaving their PDP to come and challenge the internal affairs of APC when they were not candidates in APC, citing section 29 sub section 5 of the new electoral act 2022

On the issue of dual citizenship of Hon.Peter Odey, chief Ozachome argued that once a person is a citizen by birth, that person can not be deprived of his right because the person has aquire  citizenship of another country either by registration or by nationalization 

The appeal has been argued and the Lawyers have all adopted their arguments and the court has reserved judgement to a date that would be communicated to all the parties 

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