sexual Allegation: Unical Suspends The Dean, faculty of law 

By Ene Ene The University of Calabar has suspended the Dean faculty of law, Prof. Cyril Ndifon for alleged violation of the provision of the extant law and the policies of the University 

The suspension letter which was conveyed to Prof. Ndifon was signed by the Registrar of the University Mr Gabriel Egbe  with effective date August 17, 2023

Recalled that some law students of the University protested over alleged sexual harassment against Prof Ndifon recently. It would also be recalled that in 2015, he was suspended for the same offence but was able to clear him self of that allegation after he got a court judgement in his favour

The suspension came on the heels of the Dean’s response to a query by the University management which the Vice Chancellor was dissatisfied

“The vice chancellor has gone through your written responses and is not satisfied with your explanations. She has therefore directed that you should be relieved of your position as Dean, faculty of law and placed on suspension while the matter is referred to a panel that will be set up to investigate these allegations”

“The relief of position as Dean, faculty of law and suspension from official duties takes effect from August 17, 2023. You are to hand over all official responsibilities presently handled by you to the sub – Dean of the law faculty before vacating office”

“You are to stay away from the University premises except while responding to an invitation from the panel investigating the allegations”