Sexual Harassment: FMR Dean of Law Faculty To Face Panel .

…to refund illegal monies extorted from students 

By Ene Ene 

The vice chancellor of the University of Calabar, Prof Florence Obi had disclosed to newsmen that the Management of the University has put up a panel of investigation to look into alleged sexual harassment level against the Dean of the faculty of law, Prof Cyril Ndifon by some students of the law faculty.

Making the disclosure, the Vice Chancellor said, apart from the the few staff of the University that would form the panel, the management has acceded to the request of the University Alumni, Federation of Female lawyers, Federal public Complaints Commission to be part of the investigation 

She said the move was among some of the resolutions adopted by the management to address some of the issues raised against,  and that various committees have been setup to look into all the allegations.

Recalled that on August 14, 2023, faculty of law students staged a protest in front of the V.C’s office accusing the former Dean of sexual harassment, extortion and high handedness among others.

Following this, he was suspended by the institution management pending the out come of the panel report.

“Management resolved with the staff on the need for some basic changes to be effected, to avoid continuous over bearing influence and power of any Dean of Faculty of Law over the students.

“Some of the immediate actions taken were; Setting up of a Committee to take charge of students’ mobilization to Law School.

“The Dean to refund all illegal monies extorted from the students under various sub-heads, among other decisions.

“A review and possible recall of the students’ list sent to Law School

Removal from office of the two examination officers and the setting up of a Result Vetting Committee.

Setting up Students’ Project Committee to assign Project supervisors to the undergraduates

“Appointment of a new interim Chairman of the Faculty’s Post Graduate School Board.Setting up a Committee to review and assign courses for the semester in compliance with the University procedure on Quality Assurance.

“The Dean and the Sub-Dean were directed to submit all the result scripts, questions papers, marking guides and examination attendance lists for the past two sessions to the Director of Quality Assurance.” She stated.

She  said the institution decided to bring those bodies to be part of the process because their involvement speaks volume in getting to the bottom of the alleged ugly incidents.